blinkbox music - try it now!

Today you can have an exclusive first look at the new blinkbox music 

blinkbox music is now live for you to try - visit and download our free iOS and Android apps now.


Our new URL is - bookmark it now!  You’ll be able to log in to blinkbox music with your WE7 details.

New apps


The free blinkbox music apps for iOS and Android are now available! If you use the WE7 apps, you can easily switch to the blinkbox music apps:

  • If you have the WE7 Android app, click here to download the blinkbox music app, or simply install the WE7 app update that’s available now.
  • If you currently use the WE7 iOS appclick here to download the free blinkbox music app or simply click the link you see when you open up your WE7 app. NB as this is a new app, you will need to re-save your stations on the new app. We recommend you favourite your current saved WE7 stations so you can find them easily in the blinkbox music app.

New features and design

  • You can now easily find the perfect themed station for your mood on our new 'Explore' Page:
  • You can still start your own station by entering a song, artist or genre into the search box.
  • You can view (and amend) your likes and dislikes in the new My Music section of blinkbox music. You can also save your favourite stations and view your listening history. Your current likes and dislikes have moved across with us from WE7 to blinkbox music.
  • We have added song lyrics to the website! Now you can sing along with the music.

Get your sneak preview now - visit