Can you feel it coming? Festival season is on the horizon, and to tell you the truth, we can’t wait. If you feel the same, why not whet your appetite for a summer of great live music with some of our favourite new songs of the moment. Just tune in to our Brand New & Brilliant station for all of the below and more!


Calvin Harris – Summer


Everyone’s favourite producer of the moment returns, primed with his characteristic brand of pumped-up dance banger. Summer certainly pushes all the right buttons; let’s hope the actual British summer – and Calvin’s new album – is up to scratch too.

Bastille – Bad Blood


For many, this was the track that first introduced them to Bastille, all the way back in 2012. Now issued with a timely re-release, it reinforces their knack for penning winningly catchy indie-pop gems. For our money, one of their best songs.

The 1975 – Robbers


From one indie pop troupe pumping their album for all it’s worth to another. The 6th single to be taken from their debut album, Robbers sees normally-chirpy The 1975 take a more reflective note for this dreamy, 80s-flavoured guitar ballad.



Embrace are no strangers to staging a comeback. In 2004, two years after being dropped by their label, they rode a wave of success off the back of Chris Martin-penned single Gravity; scoring two Number One albums in the process and re-instating themselves as one of Britain’s top rock acts. 

Following their official 2006 World Cup anthem World At Our Feet however, the band took an extended hiatus, one year away from the spotlight turning into eight. Now signed to Cooking Vinyl however, and on the verge of releasing their sixth album, Embrace are back – refuelled and revitalised, with their new material already courting rave reviews.

With the album marking a distinct shift toward more electronic influences, we caught up with Embrace to quiz them on what we can expect from the record and how things have changed since their last outing. For a deeper insight into their influences, be sure to check out their handpicked Chosen By station too – featuring a selection of their favourite songs.


Many of the reviews of your new material have commented on the shift in style – was it a conscious decision to move away from your earlier sound, or something that emerged naturally?

It was a conscious decision to move forward and do something different but still retain what was great about Embrace. The new sound has definitely got a much darker edge with influences coming from bands like Joy Division and New Order. The music has more depth and scope to it but keeps the strong melodies, lyrics and big choruses. Everyone that liked us before will definitely get it and hopefully it’ll spread to a whole new audience. 

The music industry has changed a great deal since your last album in 2006 – do you think it’s heading in a better direction, or does the current musical climate worry you?

I work with a lot of young bands in Yorkshire and the amount of young talent coming up is astonishing, which bodes well for the future. The industry has changed a lot but not necessarily in a bad way. There isn’t the same money slushing around that there used to be but I think this helps bands to focus on every detail of what they do more and not become complacent. It’s all about working out how to make what’s new work for you and not continually complaining that it isn’t like it used to be.

If you had to pick one of your singles that you’ve always been particularly proud of, which would it be, and why?

I think it would be Ashes as it was the track that epitomised our comeback with Out of Nothing. We’d been dropped then re-signed and worked on the album for three years until we’d spent everything we had and this was our rise from the ashes.

You’re signed to Cooking Vinyl now – what would you say are the key things you were looking to get out of an independent deal as a band?

The main thing was getting a deal that was both fair to us and the label. If you have that then you’ll both work your arses off to get the band as far as it can go. So far Cooking Vinyl are keeping their end of the bargain, so we’re very happy.

It’s the 20th anniversary of Britpop this year – do you have fond memories of the era and did you ever consider Embrace part of the ‘Britpop movement’?

I never really considered us part of Britpop as we didn’t come out until the tail end of it. We always protested that we were nothing like Oasis, but in hindsight there maybe a little bit of influence on a couple of the songs on the first album!



It’s not long until festival season properly kicks off, so why not help welcome in the summer with some brilliant new music? Longtime fans of our Next Big Thing station will know we’ve watched the likes of Nick Mulvey, Indiana and SOHN go from hotly-tipped indie faves to bonafide chart successes – but if you’re new to the station, why not tune in today? You might just discover your new favourite band…




A female-fronted Royal Blood. The UK’s answer to Paramore. The next Pretty Reckless. Call them what you will, but the most important thing about newcomers Marmozets is that they’re really, really good. Fiery vocals and massive guitar riffs trade places on tracks like Move Shake Hide and Why Do You Hate Me, proving early praise from the likes of Kerrang! and Radio 1 is more than justified.



The latest budding young indie troupe to have the music press bending over backward to sing their praises, this Brooklyn five-piece offer up cheerily minimalist guitar numbers; all twinkling melodies and dreamy vocals. Strikingly pretty stuff.



Irish 24 year old Hozier, aka Andrew Hozier-Byrne is about as soulful as they come; with a deeply resonant, powerful voice dominating on standout tracks like the gospel-tinged Take Me To Church. With his music going viral late last year and rapid local success quickly following, expect Hozier to hit our shores in a big way over the next few months.



Here’s what’s cooking! Kelis serves up her new album ‘Food’ this week, returning to R&B with her retro soul-influenced flavours.

The singer’s fetish with food has been stewing for some time since the release of standout album ‘Tasty’ and hit single ‘Milkshake’ back in 2003, and now more recently she has piloted her own cooking show ‘Saucy & Sweet’, and even announced the launch of her range of specialist sauces.

Outside of the kitchen, Kelis’s musical repertoire is equally impressive. A career spanning over 10 years has seen the artist cover a lot of ground, from R&B hits to EDM produced by David Guetta. It seems she has a taste for it all.

We’ve put together a station full of the superstar’s most popular tracks from old to new, contemporaries though the years and inspirations. Tuck into the station below! 



This week it’s all about the ladies as three of our favourite pop acts of the moment duke it out. There’s something new in the form of Nottingham songstress Indiana, the long-awaited return of Lily Allen, plus girl-group Neon Jungle. Get your fill of all these and more in our Brand New & Brilliant station, updated weekly with the hottest hits around.


Indiana – Solo Dancing 


We’re chuffed to see Indiana doing so well this week, having championed her back in February as part of our Next Big Thing series. Solo Dancing is a gem of a track, all sultry vocals and bewitching electronics that feel like something off of the Blade Runner soundtrack. Magical stuff. 

Neon Jungle – Welcome To The Jungle


The hits just keep coming with Neon Jungle, with new single Welcome to the Jungle reaffirming why they’re totally our favourite pop group around right now. Sticking to the all-out club banger template of Trouble and Braveheart, their latest number delivers more fizzy, ridiculously catchy fun with a feisty, empowering kick in the tail.

Lily Allen – Our Time


She’s been away for quite some time, but new single Our Time is like classic Lily all over again. Expect cheeky lyrics aplenty atop a breezy flow of cheap synths and an ace chorus. If Skins was still on the telly, this could have been the perfect theme tune.



We’ve all done it - fallen head over heels in love with a song, only to find out we’ve been singing the words wrong all along.

Still, while it’s not a great look, that’s no excuse for not seeing the funny side in it all, and trust us when we say some of the best cases of misheard-lyrics provide some absolute comedy gold.

With that in mind, we put the word out about putting together a definitive list of the Top 10 misheard lyrics of all time, and the results are in! We’ve put all the songs together into a fun little station, why not tune in and sing along (with the right words this time!)


Have you made any of the slip-ups below (we’ve listed some of our favourites), or do you reckon you’ve got an even better example? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!

Johnny Nash - I Can See Clearly Now

I can see clearly now Lorraine has gone / I can see clearly now, the rain is gone

Rihanna - We Found Love

What it takes to form a line / What it takes to come alive

Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze

Excuse me while I kiss this guy / Excuse me whilst I kiss the sky