We’ve all done it - fallen head over heels in love with a song, only to find out we’ve been singing the words wrong all along.

Still, while it’s not a great look, that’s no excuse for not seeing the funny side in it all, and trust us when we say some of the best cases of misheard-lyrics provide some absolute comedy gold.

With that in mind, we put the word out about putting together a definitive list of the Top 10 misheard lyrics of all time, and the results are in! We’ve put all the songs together into a fun little station, why not tune in and sing along (with the right words this time!)

Have you made any of the slip-ups below (we’ve listed some of our favourites), or do you reckon you’ve got an even better example? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!

Johnny Nash - I Can See Clearly Now

I can see clearly now Lorraine has gone / I can see clearly now, the rain is gone

Rihanna - We Found Love

What it takes to form a line / What it takes to come alive

Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze

Excuse me while I kiss this guy / Excuse me whilst I kiss the sky


Spice Girl, Original WAG and Fashion Icon Victoria Beckham hits the big 4-0 today so we’ve decided to celebrate her life in fabulous gif form, of course.

Victoria was just 20 when she joined what was to become the most successful girl band of all time:


Source: fyeahVictoriaBeckham


Her insecurities and shyness encouraged her to create a “moody” Posh Spice persona but we all know she has a wicked sense of humour - who can forget these iconic moments from Spiceworld:

Source: afterld.com



Look - I can smile!imageSource: 

and make jokes:image

Happy birthday, Victoria! Have a fabulous 40th. Here’s to the next 40!


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How about something new to brighten up your week? Look no further than our Next Big Thing station; bringing you the hottest new acts around, all in one easy, bite-size dollop of musical excellence. We love discovering exciting new acts, and if you do too, why not check out some of our current favourites below…




We like to imagine Prides as a kind of musical equation involving one part Bastille to one part Chvrches. Mixing the hooks and laddy charm of the former with the synth-driven pump of the latter, they’ve already nabbed praise from the likes of Popjustice. Look out for their track The Seeds You Sow as well as their remarkable cover versions mixtape, it’s a good’un.

Elli Ingram


Already tipped by the Guardian, Elli Ingram instantly stands out as one of this year’s most promising female acts; with her classy, soulful vocals seeing her earmarked as a potential ‘new’ Adele or Amy Winehouse. Personally, we reckon her shtick is far cooler than that; with her standout track Sober touting irrepressibly crisp production values and the kind of blissed out sense of cool that could see it just as easily find itself on the playlists of Radio 1, Radio 2 or 1Xtra.

The Neighbourhood


Expect the Neighbourhood to deliver one of this year’s biggest sleeper hits, in a similar vein to Lorde’s Royals last year. Their track Sweater Weather is already massive in the US, and eventually racked up eleven weeks at the top of the Billboard Alternative charts. With their low-slung, hazy blend of urban and indie tropes, the five-piece make for an intriguing offering.



The best things in life are never rushed, they say – a motto it feels like Paolo Nutini would heartily subscribe too. Five years on since his last studio effort - Sunny Side Up – 2014 finally sees the release of his hotly anticipated third album Caustic Love.

Already courting immensely favourable reviews, many are already heralding the record as a potential candidate for one of the year’s biggest sellers, the kind of figures to be mentioned in the same breath as Adele or Emeli Sande.

No pressure then, eh? For the Scottish singer-songwriter, Caustic Love sees him eschewing the jangly pop of his first album and the jaunty Americana of Sunny Side Up to deliver a strikingly mature piece of modern soul, best evidenced in tracks like the epic Iron Sky and new single Scream.

With Paolo clearly thriving on a rich palate of musical influences, we’ve dug a little deeper into some of his key inspirations and collaborators to put together a Further Listening station. If you’re a big fan of Paolo, it’s well worth a listen – just tune in below!




It’s the age old question, Oasis or Blur… Blur or Oasis? The famous rivalry between Britpop’s two greatest purveyors generated miles of tabloid coverage in the mid-90s as the groups duked it out; both in the charts and with countless biting verbal exchanges.

Things came to a head in 1995 as both bands releases their latest singles on the same day. In the blur corner was Blur and the jaunty refrains of Country House, whilst in the red corner, Oasis came out with all cylinders firing on the propulsive, snarling Roll With It. The battle lines were drawn, and come the end of the week, there could be only one winner…

The history books inform us that Blur ultimately trounced Oasis, selling 274,000 copies of their single to Oasis’ 216,000. But the question lives on, the timeless argument, which band really was the best…?

Here at blinkbox music, to celebrate Britpop’s 20th anniversary, we’ve picked five of the best tracks from each band in an attempt to help settle the question once and for all. Do you agree with them, or is your favourite Oasis or Blur track missing in action? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!



1. Song 2

The track that, in essence, ‘remade’ Blur – casting off the cheery English charm of their last two albums in exchange for meaty, grunge-influenced riffs. And all in a track that comes in at a brisk two minutes long.

2. Parklife

For many, Parklife will always be the definitive Blur anthem; trading slice of life lyricisms with a characteristically British sense of wit. Plus, it’s got Phil Daniels off of Eastenders on it.

3. Tender

At over seven minutes long, this gospel-tinged number marked the beginning of the end of ‘classic’ Blur for many. But for others, it stands as one of the most beautiful, sentimental moments in their catalogue.

4. Under the Westway

Not including their 2010 Record Store Day effort, Under The Westway marked the return of Blur after a decade long hiatus and had the likes of NME and Pitchfork lauding it as one of the finest songs of 2012. Now that’s what you call a comeback. 

5. Coffee And TV

The 17th greatest music video of all time, if you believe Channel 4. With its animated milk carton heading off in search of guitarist Graham Coxon, Coffee & TV stood as a powerful reminder that Blur were just as much of a force visually as they were musically.



1. Wonderwall

Your most popular Oasis track could only ever be Wonderwall. Covered countless times, in countless styles, by everyone from Ryan Adams to Jay-Z. A timeless classic, no two words about it.

2. Don’t Look Back In Anger

Proving that Noel was every bit the equal, if not better than his brother Liam at vocal duties, Don’t Look Back In Anger stands as one of the band’s finest ever choruses and was recently voted the 4th most popular single of the last 60 years by an Official Charts Company poll.

3. Champagne Supernova

Ironically never released in the UK, the song was a massive hit in America, despite its seven minute-plus running time. Both lyrically and melodically, undoubtedly one of the band’s greatest moments.

4. Stop Crying Your Heart Out

Put the limp Leona Lewis cover version from your mind, this remains the definite Oasis ballad; an impassioned tear-jerker that makes a strong case for Oasis’ post-90s material. 

5. She’s Electric

Perfectly characterising the band’s lad aesthetic, this choice cut from (What’s The Story) Morning Glory is a firm fan favourite, wearing its Beatles’ influences proudly on its sleeve.


Enjoy the weather at the weekend? Almost good enough to start cracking out the BBQ, we’d say. And you know what that means, getting some awesome new music on the go to entertain everyone. Look no further than our Brand New & Brilliant station, packed full of all the biggest and best chart hits.

Elyar Fox – A Billion Girls

The latest young lad to challenge for the title of ‘the next Justin Bieber’, Elyar Fox comes very much from the same school of thought of recent efforts from The Wanted and The Vamps – name-checking Rihanna on a frothy, frenetic pop number that sees Elyar paying tribute to that one-in-a-billion lass that sends him head over heels.

Kiesza – Hideaway

Having topped the Shazam charts for weeks on end, this sprightly club behemoth is finally let loose on an eager public this week – the Canadian 20-something belting it out over an impossibly rubbery bassline and crisp house beat. Undoubtedly the sound of now, this track looks set to see dance music’s dominance of 2014 continue.

Meridian Dan – German Whip

From one club smash to another, Londoner Meridian Dan has already seen many blogs scrambling to proclaim a second coming of grime. Premature, perhaps, but it’s easy to see why German Whip has picked up fans in droves – toting sharp, machine-gun beats and viciously barbed raps.