Here’s what’s cooking! Kelis serves up her new album ‘Food’ this week, returning to R&B with her retro soul-influenced flavours.

The singer’s fetish with food has been stewing for some time since the release of standout album ‘Tasty’ and hit single ‘Milkshake’ back in 2003, and now more recently she has piloted her own cooking show ‘Saucy & Sweet’, and even announced the launch of her range of specialist sauces.

Outside of the kitchen, Kelis’s musical repertoire is equally impressive. A career spanning over 10 years has seen the artist cover a lot of ground, from R&B hits to EDM produced by David Guetta. It seems she has a taste for it all.

We’ve put together a station full of the superstar’s most popular tracks from old to new, contemporaries though the years and inspirations. Tuck into the station below! 



This week it’s all about the ladies as three of our favourite pop acts of the moment duke it out. There’s something new in the form of Nottingham songstress Indiana, the long-awaited return of Lily Allen, plus girl-group Neon Jungle. Get your fill of all these and more in our Brand New & Brilliant station, updated weekly with the hottest hits around.


Indiana – Solo Dancing 


We’re chuffed to see Indiana doing so well this week, having championed her back in February as part of our Next Big Thing series. Solo Dancing is a gem of a track, all sultry vocals and bewitching electronics that feel like something off of the Blade Runner soundtrack. Magical stuff. 

Neon Jungle – Welcome To The Jungle


The hits just keep coming with Neon Jungle, with new single Welcome to the Jungle reaffirming why they’re totally our favourite pop group around right now. Sticking to the all-out club banger template of Trouble and Braveheart, their latest number delivers more fizzy, ridiculously catchy fun with a feisty, empowering kick in the tail.

Lily Allen – Our Time


She’s been away for quite some time, but new single Our Time is like classic Lily all over again. Expect cheeky lyrics aplenty atop a breezy flow of cheap synths and an ace chorus. If Skins was still on the telly, this could have been the perfect theme tune.


We’ve all done it - fallen head over heels in love with a song, only to find out we’ve been singing the words wrong all along.

Still, while it’s not a great look, that’s no excuse for not seeing the funny side in it all, and trust us when we say some of the best cases of misheard-lyrics provide some absolute comedy gold.

With that in mind, we put the word out about putting together a definitive list of the Top 10 misheard lyrics of all time, and the results are in! We’ve put all the songs together into a fun little station, why not tune in and sing along (with the right words this time!)

Have you made any of the slip-ups below (we’ve listed some of our favourites), or do you reckon you’ve got an even better example? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!

Johnny Nash - I Can See Clearly Now

I can see clearly now Lorraine has gone / I can see clearly now, the rain is gone

Rihanna - We Found Love

What it takes to form a line / What it takes to come alive

Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze

Excuse me while I kiss this guy / Excuse me whilst I kiss the sky


Spice Girl, Original WAG and Fashion Icon Victoria Beckham hits the big 4-0 today so we’ve decided to celebrate her life in fabulous gif form, of course.

Victoria was just 20 when she joined what was to become the most successful girl band of all time:


Source: fyeahVictoriaBeckham


Her insecurities and shyness encouraged her to create a “moody” Posh Spice persona but we all know she has a wicked sense of humour - who can forget these iconic moments from Spiceworld:




Look - I can smile!imageSource: 

and make jokes:image

Happy birthday, Victoria! Have a fabulous 40th. Here’s to the next 40!


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How about something new to brighten up your week? Look no further than our Next Big Thing station; bringing you the hottest new acts around, all in one easy, bite-size dollop of musical excellence. We love discovering exciting new acts, and if you do too, why not check out some of our current favourites below…




We like to imagine Prides as a kind of musical equation involving one part Bastille to one part Chvrches. Mixing the hooks and laddy charm of the former with the synth-driven pump of the latter, they’ve already nabbed praise from the likes of Popjustice. Look out for their track The Seeds You Sow as well as their remarkable cover versions mixtape, it’s a good’un.

Elli Ingram


Already tipped by the Guardian, Elli Ingram instantly stands out as one of this year’s most promising female acts; with her classy, soulful vocals seeing her earmarked as a potential ‘new’ Adele or Amy Winehouse. Personally, we reckon her shtick is far cooler than that; with her standout track Sober touting irrepressibly crisp production values and the kind of blissed out sense of cool that could see it just as easily find itself on the playlists of Radio 1, Radio 2 or 1Xtra.

The Neighbourhood


Expect the Neighbourhood to deliver one of this year’s biggest sleeper hits, in a similar vein to Lorde’s Royals last year. Their track Sweater Weather is already massive in the US, and eventually racked up eleven weeks at the top of the Billboard Alternative charts. With their low-slung, hazy blend of urban and indie tropes, the five-piece make for an intriguing offering.



Quickly establishing themselves as one of the most promising new guitar acts around, Nottingham five-piece Amber Run stand at the forefront of a wave of excitingly accessible young British talent.

With powerful, emotional numbers like new single Spark serving as an impressive intro to the band, they’ll be looking to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Kodaline and The 1975 in winning the UK round to their sound. Going by early tips from the likes of Fearne Cotton and Zane Lowe, they’re already halfway there.

But who better to introduce the band than themselves? We dropped them a few quick-fire questions and asked them to come up with a selection of some of their favourite music, which you can hear in the band’s Chosen By station below.


So, for those who are new to the world of Amber Run – how did the band start out together?

Tom, Joe and myself (Will) have known each other for years. When we went to uni we formed the band with Henry and Felix. Felix was a friend of a friend and Henry lived next to Tom in halls. It’s all quite funny really - Tom’s first time playing bass was when we recorded our first single ‘Noah’, and Henry first met Felix while loading in at our first show. It goes to show we’re really best mates before anything else.

Can you sum up your sound in three words?

Anthemic, cinematic music.

Many people have commented on how emotional your tracks are – do you find that makes them quite liberating to sing?

Some of the unreleased tracks are such a joy to play every night for that reason. There’s a song called ‘See You Soon’ that we play which is about leaving people behind when you go on tour, and I think we all feel that one most when we play it live. ‘Spark’ is so optimistic as well, we always love playing it to people; it’s great. It’s important to convey the emotion behind the songs live, as it’s one of the most important aspects of our music and something that we hope will bring people to us.

If you could only pick one band that you’d hold up as your ‘key’ influence growing up, who would you pick?

This is always a hard question as our influences are so all over the place. We’d all have different answers. Joe would say Coldplay for the songwriting and emotion, Felix would say Pearl Jam as he loves his grunge. Tom wants me to say The Pet Shop Boys - I think his Dad listened to them a lot… Henry loves Arctic Monkeys, I love This Will Destroy You and post rock. It’s all there in the mix. I realise I’ve completely missed the whole ‘one band’ aspect of this question but there isn’t just one!

How did it feel when you guys first signed to Sony? Did you feel you could relax a little, or did it make you want to prove yourselves even more?

It felt f***ing amazing of course - despite what cynics might say it is a dream come true signing to a major label. It’s just the reassurance that you’re given in knowing that you can make being in a band your living. But it is hard work, and we knew it would be. I remember coming off stage at Reading and our production manager/secret ingredient Ben said to me, “you think this is hard work now? Wait til you get signed mate”. There’s a lot more pressure but it’s good and we thrive under it - we have massive ambitions and I think the label love that.

What does the rest of 2014 have in store for Amber Run?

Lots more show - loads of shows. We love playing shows but considering where we are we’ve played considerably less than others, so we want to get them under our belt. Festivals in summer - Isle of Wight being a big one at the moment, and then our album release later in the year. We can’t wait for that - there’s songs in there that might make people double check that they’re actually listening to the same band… in a good way I hope.